I wrote a whole long nice welcome message, and well, fuck, it disappeared so get to know me on my live feeds…..lol

This crazy thing started off promising my wife I would give up smoking when we fell pregnant. Baby was 1 yr and 1 month when I walked into a tobacconist to buy a pack of smokes and the dude behind the counter was Vaping, he said it would help me quit and it did. I quit my job 4 months later to start Bearded Viking Customs making accessories for the Vaping industry.

Now it’s a couple of years later and I had started talking to myself and other random people on the inter web via a live feed (while I was bored and stuck in the workshop) and we have a channel talking vape and whatever project I have going on in the workshop that week.

The reason I’m only going live is I have no clue how to edit or the equipment to film but that’s another goal all together. Current goals are 1. get a cnc router to make more awesome crazy things and 2. get myself and my products overseas for an expo or two to show the world what they are missing out on from deepest darkest Africa.

It’s been a mad ride and it’s only going to get crazier so pledge if you can but keep watching and keep sharing my adventures.

If you are not into the monthly thing but would like to air high five me you can paypal me at [email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. I promise the other version was much longer. lol

All the best “The Beard”

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