I’ve been waiting since March to order some BVC products. I first seen them in Sam’s (Vaping Bogan) reviews and travel vlogs. However, I was still finishing up my internship with my new career change and needed to wait. I try and watch Brent’s live shows when possible (mid day here). After seeing Sam’s trip to SA, I would love to visit some day once it is ever allowed again. My order arrived today and everything looks outstanding!! Keep up the amazing work and best of luck to you all! 

Charles Johnson / United States



I just received my order from you. Thank you so much for making it happen today.

Czarine / South Africa

I made the order. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be back. You have amazing customer service. If you ever make beauty rings pls let me know. I’ll buy most of them.  My mother passed away recently and I’m still paying it off but when I’m caught up I’ll be back In a couple weeks to buy everything else I wanted. You have a great site with a lot of cool stuff. Have a great day. 

❤️? I hope you have a great day and thank you for your help. I believe karma is real and I hope all your good deeds are always coming back to you 100 fold.

Steve / United States

Thank you. Very happy with all the products 

Craelin / South Africa

The lower, darker purple. damn they look stunning ? also the green/turquoise is fire. Looking so forward to them.

Benjamin / Germany

Thank you so much for let me know and for doing that specific colour for me, job well done guys.

Can’t wait to put my RDA’s on and start making my coil buildings on it.

Edgar C / United Kingdom

Hey bud, 


Awesome, I have received the parcel thanks so much for the great service.


Kind regards,





Thank you. Great customer service by the way


Huge thanks for my package, loved it!! ? Super service from BVC again!

I am looking for another few stuff…

On the Reload 26 Acrylic, will you be able you engrave the BVC Viking Logo onto it? (See Attached Picture)

HUGE Thanks to your super service and GREAT work!

Your Truly

Julian (Fellow Berserker)


That would be great! You guys seem to have excellent customer service because both times I’ve emailed I’ve got a response within a couple hours. So thank you for that, also I appreciate the help in looking into the package. I just kept thinking it will show up any day but unfortunately it may have gotten lost or stolen. Thanks again for the help!

Chris / United States



Tx that is great and fast service. The drip tip actually goes perfectly on my Zeus. I changed the leather on my grip for a nice overall effect.

Is there any special care for a acrylic tank? Or something I should not do.


Lawrens / South Africa


Thank you,

Great service and a great product, will be ordering some more bits

Mark / South Africa

Hi Laura

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I understand the fact that it won’t be a photo copy of the online image, but it is a complete colour difference.

I am not going to place any orders soon as I was buying it for my personal capacity , so would like the replacement for the more clearer one so be sorted now.

I don’t know if it is possible, but if you can send photos of the other marble ones that has already been made, then we can make a more informed decision and thus preventing future issues.

Brian / South Africa


Hi Aunty L 

Yes I have received everything yesterday and all is in perfect order , thank you so much again for everything I really appreciate it 



Arrived today, love them. I thought they would be Orbs being customs but the Winston and Octo look shit hot ?

The Pen for my local vape shop is amazing, he’s gunna love it ?

Thank you so much. 

Kind regards 

Russell / Australia


Hi Laura.


I have just received the package. Thank you very much for sending me a new bubble glass as well as the awesome red and white one. 


You guys are awesome.

Thomas / South Africa



Just let you know that I have received the package just now.

Amazing job.

Many thanks

Best Regards


Edgar C / United Kingdom